No Nukes Plaza Tokyo (Tanpoposya)

No Nukes Plaza Tokyo (Japanese name: Tanpoposya) is an anti-nuke environmental organization which was founded in 1989 by citizens in Tokyo, responding to the voices of concern after Chernobyl. Since then, we have been continuously acting to abolish nuclear power plants in Japan through holding regular meetings and lectures, issuing newsletters and booklets, sending proposals to the electric companies and the government, making tours to the nuclear facilities to demonstrate, and so on.

After 1995 Kobe Earthquake, we also started tackling on “nuclear power plants and earthquake” issue and held regular monthly meetings and issued some booklets. Now the so-called Genpatsu-Shinsai (Mixed nuclear and earthquake disaster) took place in Fukushima, and our lont-time fear came into reality.

Currently, we are having meetings and demonstration almost everyday in Tokyo to call for the shutdown of all the nuclear power plants in Japan and to disseminate the information of how to mitigate radiation exposure to people in Japan, since the government tends to underestimate the real hazard of radiation exposure.

In addition, we started up our international section to circulate NO MORE HIBAKUSYA! NO MORE NUKE POWER! PETITION. Our goal is to abolish all the nuclear power plants in the world through this petition, just as the atmospheric nuclear testing was banned due to a large number of people’s voices, leading to the political decision to come up with Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 1963. For signing up the petition, please visit the Petition from Japan page.


Organization of Tanpoposya

As regular activities, we have the following 5 study groups and 6 networks.

5 Study Groups

1. Japan’s Hidden Nuclear Armament Policy

2. Environment and Future Energy Policy

3. Citizens’ Monthly Lectures

4. Nuclear Power Plants and Earthquake

 5. Radiation Exposure


1. Abolishing nuclear power plants

This network includes the issues of aftermath of JCO accident and the issue of Hamaoka nuclear power plant that is located on the predicted Great Tokai Earthquake area.

2. Cherry blossom investigation surrounding nuclear facilities

Higher rate of cherry blossom abnormalities, Japan’s state flower, have been found in the vicinity of nuclear facilities in Japan and we have been counting the abnormality rate surrounding each reactor site since 2004.

3. Depleted uranium network

We have been acting for abolishment of depleted uranium and also for sending medical supplies to children in Iraq.

4. Nishimura incident fact-finding mission

We are conducting fact-finding activities and demonstrations about the death of Mr. Shigeo Nishimura, a worker of Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (the then operating company of the fast breeder reactor, Monju) . According to Mr. Nishimura’s medical record, homicide is highly suspected in spite of his reported suicide.

5. Stop Fast Breeder Reactor Monju Petition Campaign

This campaign is aligned with the study group 1, Japan’s Nuclear Armament Policy leady by Professor Atsushi Tsuchida (physicist) who explains the hidden aim of developing Monju for Japan is to develop nuclear weapons.

6. Newspaper advertisement fund-raising for abolishing nuclear power plants and Rokkasho reprocessing facilities

Up till today, we placed our anti-nuke advertisement on several newspapers and magazines including, To-oh Nippou, Iwate Nippou, Mainichi daily newspaper, Tokyo newspaper, Weekly Friday, etc.

7. No more Hibakusya No More Nuke Power Petition

This campaign was established on the occurrence of Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. Our goal is to achieve a global society without nuclear power.

*How we fund ourselves

We are 100% non profit citizens’ organization funded solely by our sales of our booklets and newsletters and donations from citizens. We welcome participation of any citizens.

For more information contact at No Nukes Plaza Tokyo (Tanpoposya) 

Office address: 2-6-2 Dynamic Bldg 5F, Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061 Japan

Tel:03-3238-9035 (Japanese only)

090-4002-3959 (English)

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* For international call, put 81 and omit the initial 0.